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    August 22, 2014
    I am pleased to send greetings to the fifth Global Green Economy Prosperity Forum, hosted by the International Green Economy Association. The Rio+20 United Nations Conference on Sustainable Development recognized the green economy as an important tool for achieving sustainable development and eradicating poverty. With natural resources under growing pressure and the global population continuing to rise, the traditional economic growth model is no longer sustainable. We need a new development paradigm...

    IGEA Registration Certificate

    IGEA Qualification of “4A evaluation rank” for Chinese social organizations

    Beijing Chaoyang District International Green Economy Association

    The early stage of the International Green Economic Association (IGEA) is a nongovernmental think tank that revolves around the green economy. The organization is founded in 2010 by Sir Feng Zhijun, a renowned counselor of the P.C.R council, and Deputy Director of the Environmental Resources Commission of the 10th National People‘s Congress, and later registered in Beijing Chaoyang district as IGEA in Jan 2013. Member meetings and councils are held by the representatives of field workers and researchers nationwide and serve the purpose of sustainable development for industries and governments across the board. IGEA has been rated as National 4A Social Organization by Civil Affairs Bureau.

    IGEA utilize the “five as one” strategy in the construction of advanced sustainable development platform, including Green Industry, Green Think Tank, Green economy, State Government, and International Collaboration. IGEA as a competent organization thus serves the sustainable development of “government and enterprise” as a pivotal junction.

    Business Positioning

    IGEA is more than just the shared platform for green industry
    IGEA also provides government functions transferring and commissioned services

    Green Industrial Complex
    Green industries such as: Ecological governance and environmental services, Green production and new materials Green urban constructions, carbon emission reduction service, renewable energy, green agriculture and digital technology and Comprehensive utilization of resources. Characterized by the complementary construction of industrial chain and supply chain, establish and operate green industrial clusters.
    • Ecological governance and environmental services
    • Green production and new materials
    • Green urban constructions
    • Carbon emission reduction service
    • Renewable energy
    • Green agriculture
    • Digital technology
    Green service feature cluster
    Green policy consultation, green technology, green market, green group standards, green finance, "carbon peak and carbon neutrality" special services, international business cooperation and other service functional measures, and operate functional clusters of green and low-carbon services.
    • Green think tank
    • Green finance
    • Cooperation with government
    • Green market
    • Green product promotions
    • Green group standard
    • Transnational cooperation

    Honorary President

    H.E.Mr.Sha Zukang
    Honorary President of the International Green Economy Association
    Former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations
    Secretary-General of the United Nations Sustainable Development Summit

    Executive President

    Mr.Deng Jihai
    • Legal representative and executive president of the International Green Economy Association
    • Member of the Chinese People's Political Consultative Conference of Chaoyang District, Beijing
    • Senior Research Fellow, China Open Economy Strategy Research Institute, University of International Business and Economics

    Think Tank

    Mr. Zhenhua Xie


    Vice Chairman National Development and Reform Commission of the P.R.C

    China Special Representative for Climate Change Affairs

    Mr. Yizhong Li


    Standing Committee Member CPPCC

    Former Minister of Industry and Information technology of the P.R.C

    Mr. Baoxing Qiu


    Counsellor of the State Council

    Former Vice Minister of Housing and Urban-Rural Development

    Mr. Cungen Chen


    Former Deputy secretary working committee for Institution of the CPC Central Committee President

    Federation of Labor Union of Central State Organs

    Mr. Yanhua Liu


    Counsellor State council of the P.R.C 

    Former Vice Minister Ministry of Science and Technology

    Mr. Chengjie Yin



    Counselors’ Office of the State Council

    Former Vice Minister of Agriculture

    Mr. Jian Zhou


    Former Vice Minister of Ecology and Environment 

    Mr. Jianguo Wei


    Vice President and Secretary General China International Economic Communicaion Center 

    Former Vice Minister of Commerce

    Cooperation Areas

    We Provide Good Solutions For Your Business!

    International Exchange

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    International Green Economy Association (IGEA) & China International Fair for Trade in Services (CIFTIS)

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    Contact Info

    Room 4028, F4, Block C, Guozuyuan, No. 1102, Huihe South Street, Chaoyang District, Beijing



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