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    Russian Business Delegation visited IGEA and joined in ‘China-Russia Green Trade and Business Collaboration Exchange Meeting·CBD·Beijing’

    Following Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov's visit to China, a group of 10 leading Russian business enterprises in the field of energy, chemical engineering and finance visited the International Green Economy Association (IGEA) on 12 April. Both sides carried out business dialogues on economic and trade cooperation, industrial and supply chain cooperation in terms of green and low-carbon development, among other matters.

    Supported by Beijing CBD Management Committee and the Beijing Chaoyang Bureau of Commerce, the ‘China-Russia Green Trade and Business Collaboration Exchange Meeting·CBD·Beijing’ was successfully hosted by IGEA at the CP Centre on the afternoon of April 12. 

    Anton Isakov, Secondary Secretary at the Russian Embassy in China, and Kashpur, Representative at the Trade Mission of Russia in China, along with 20 representatives of Russian senior business executives, including high-level managers from Gazprombank, Novatek, Sibur, Baltic Chemical Union, PhosAgro, and Moscow Exchange etc.

    20 Chinese representatives, namely Sha Zukang, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, Chen Dai, Director of the Beijing CBD Management Committee, Yang Zuoyi, Deputy Director of the Beijing Chaoyang Bureau of Commerce, together with representatives of related industries in Beijing CBD and enterprise representatives of the IGEA Board of Director were present at the meeting. 

    Deng Jihai, Executive Chairman of IGEA chaired the meeting.

    Sha Zukang, former Deputy Secretary-General of the United Nations, expressed welcome to the Russian business delegation as Honorary Chairman of IGEA. He hoped that the business cooperation and exchange between the Russian delegation, Beijing CBD and IGEA could bear fruitful results.

    Chen Dai, Director of Beijing CBD Management Committee, attended the meeting and delivered a speech.

    Chen Dai said that Chaoyang District is the biggest district in terms of Beijing's foreign trade, and CBD as the forefront of the capital's opening up to the world, should become the preferred place for the Russian enterprises to develop their business in Beijing. This year, Beijing International Communication Meeting Room will be built in CBD, with the hope to invite more Russian enterprises to understand Chaoyang, futher explore CBD, and to invite enterprises from various countries to establish regional headquarters and offices in Chaoyang  and CBD, for building an open highland and sharing development opportunities.

    Yang Zuoyi, Deputy Director of Beijing Chaoyang Bureau of Commerce, introduced the current situation of Chaoyang District and promoted Chaoyang in four aspects, namely, industrial system, spatial resource pattern, business environment and industrial policy.

    Deng Jihai, IGEA Executive Chairman, made the report Green and Low Carbon Industrial and Supply Chain Cooperation between IGEA and the Rest of the World.

    He analysed the impact of international climate trade rules on the global industrial cooperation, shared five initiatives, namely develop and expand the emerging market of international trade with the global cooperation of industrial and supply chain, promote the application of green and low-carbon technologies, develop ESG and product carbon footprint services for businesses, establish the carbon emission management system of industrial chain and supply chain, and build the mechanism for international mutual trust and recognition of carbon emission management standards. IGEA will actively focus on and promote China-Russia green economic and trade cooperation in the fields of energy, chemical engineering, industry, shipping, carbon management and financial services, making contributions to the security, stability and green development of the industrial and supply chain between China and Russia.

    Salugina-Sorokovaia Ekaterina, First Vice-President of Gazprombank, together with Nazarov Alexander, Head of Investment Relations of Novatek Group, Ershova Tatiana, Head of Governmental Affairs of Baltic Chemical Complex LLC,  Momot Raisa, Senior Manager of Sustainability Function of Sibur Group, Samosiuk Sergei, Advisor to the CEO of PhosAgro Group, Krekoten Vladimir, Member of the Executive Committee of the Moscow Exchange, Slutskaya Marina, Director of Sustainable Development and International Cooperation of DOM.RF gave speeches on the meeting.

    Wang Xiaoli, General Manager of Chia Tai Overseas Enterprise Realty Development Co., Ltd., Sha Weihong, Chairman of Jiangsu Promed Medical Material Co. Ltd., Alex Cui, Marketing Director of China Chengxin Green Finance Technology (Beijing) Ltd., Zhang Fu, General Manager of International Affairs Department, Western Natural Gas Co., Ltd., Joel Cheng, Co-founder of GBI Intelligent Equipment Inc., Leo Yang, APAC Region Senior Sales Manager, Arctech solar, DU Boyan, Director of Overseas Government Affairs, Guangxi Liugong Machinery Co., Ltd., Sylvia Wu, Chairman of Gridsun (Shanghai)New Energy Technology Co., Ltd, among other Chinese representatives, have given speeches and exchanged their ideas.

    Dialogues were held between the Russian business delegation, Beijing Chaoyang District and Beijing CBD to promote the investment, business and trade cooperation between Russian companies and the District, and to set up a platform for China-Russia green business cooperation in energy and chemical industry, industrial manufacturing and new materials, and carbon management etc. IGEA will take this meeting as an opportunity to establish a regime between the Chinese and Russian Green sectors for promoting China-Russia green economic and trade cooperation, facilitating Chinese local governments and industrial enterprises to carry out consistent cooperation with its Russian counterparties, and promoting the global cooperation and development of the industrial chain and supply chain.

    After the meeting, IGEA and the Chaoyang Bureau of Commerce co-organised the event of Landmark River International Scenic Cruise. The beautiful Landmark River and Solana made the Russian visitors marvel at the openness and vitality of Chaoyang District.

    In the evening, IGEA also organised ‘The Night of IGEA - Dinner Reception for the Russian Business Delegation’, in which representatives of IGEA and the Russian delegates have fully exchanged views, enhanced their mutual understanding and deepened their cooperation.


    Attachment: A Brief Introduction of the Russian Business Delegation 

    1.JSC Gazprombank

    One of the three largest banks in Russia, one of the country’s largest financial institutions with diverse businesses, and the third largest bank according to bank equity in Central and Eastern Europe. The bank holds a strong position in Russian domestic and international financial markets and is one of the country’s leaders in organising and underwriting corporate bond issuance, asset management, private banking, corporate finance and other investment banking business.

    The bank upholds the principle of sustainable development and lends to renewable energy projects, green buildings and infrastructure sectors. It is a leader in green finance and ESG practices.

    2. PSC ‘NOVATEK’

    It is Russia's largest independent natural gas producer and is publicly listed in Russia. Engaged in the exploration, production, processing and sale of natural gas and liquid hydrocarbons, including hydrocarbon recovery. Its proved hydrocarbon reserves of 2023 was 17.6 bln boe. NOVATEK LNG project "Yamal LNG" accounts for 5% of the global LNG market.

    3. SIBUR LLC

    SIBUR is the largest integrated petrochemicals company in Russia and one of the fastest-growing companies in the global petrochemicals industry. The Company’s unique vertically integrated business model allows it to create highly competitive products consumed in the chemical, fast moving consumer goods (FMCG), automotive, construction, energy and other industries worldwide. The key document outlining the focus areas of our ESG agenda is the 2025 Sustainable Development Strategy.

    4. Baltic Chemical Complex LLC 

    Baltic Chemical Complex is a wholly owned subsidiary of RusGazDobycha, a Russian integrated group of companies dealing with natural gas extraction and gas chemical engineering. The main business of the Baltic Chemical Complex is the production of plastics and synthetic resins in primary forms. The Baltic Chemical Plant project provides polyethylene production facilities with a design capacity of up to 3 million tonnes per year.

    In 2019, the Seventh Construction Company of China Chemical Engineering Corporation signed a FEED+EPC general contract with Baltic Chemical Complex for the Baltic Chemical Complex project in Russia, the world's largest ethylene integration project at that time, with a contract value of about 12 billion euros (equivalent to about 94.3 billion yuan).

    5. PhosAgro PJSC

    Well-known Russian fertiliser manufacturer, a Russian public company. The company is one of the leading producers of phosphorus fertilisers in Europe. The main business is the production of fertilisers, phosphates and feed phosphates. Its production of mono-ammonium phosphate and diammonium phosphate is among the highest in the world. Its 50 brands of fertilisers are sold to 100 countries in the world. Its total revenues in 2022 was 8.3 billion USD.

    6. Moscow Exchange 

    It is the largest exchange in Russia, and operates trading markets for stocks, bonds, derivatives, the foreign exchange, the currency market and precious metals. It also operates the Central Securities Depository of Russia, the National Settlement Depository and the National Clearing Centre. By the end of 2023, the total volume of trading on the MOEX platform has reached 1.3 trillion rubles (approximately $14 billion).

    7. JSC ‘DOM.RF’

    DOM.RF is a financial institution dedicated to the development of the housing sector in Russia. The company is the operator of a series of government-backed projects, initiated on behalf of the President of Russia. DOM.RF is committed to promoting the development of the whole areas of real estate with the mission of making mortgages more affordable, rents more reasonable, and the environment better planned and more comfortable.

    8. Bloom Group Company Limited

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